Objects are one of the Menu items located in the main menu bar along the bottom of the game. It is the fourth item from the left.


This menu consists of various objects such as furniture and fitting that can be placed within the prison. Some objects have requirements such as a connection to a utility (Electrical Cable or a Pipe) where as others require specific research to be conducted via Bureaucracy before they can be unlocked.

Objects also act as requirements for functionality of rooms.

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There are two views for the Objects menu. 

A minimized view which consists of the most frequently used objects and the maximized view which consists of all the objects including objects that have not yet been unlocked.

The views can be switched between by pressing the "+" or "-" button located on the bottom right of the menu.

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Bed Toilet Table Chair Bench
70px 55px 70px 60px 55px
Electric Chair Jail Door Large Jail Door Door Solitary Door
55px 65px 80px 50px 70px
Staff Door Remote Door Road Gate Window Large Window
65px 50px 65px 65px 60px
Tree Light Cooker Fridge Bin
65px 75px 40px 50px 75px
Sink Serving Table Shower Head Bookshelf Office Desk
50px 75px 50px 60px 40px
Filing Cabinet Medical Bed Morgue Slab Drain Sprinkler
60px 60px 60px 55px 75px
Metal Detector Weights Bench Phone Booth TV Pool Table
45px 70px 65px 65px 65px
CCTV CCTV Monitor Door Control Phone Tap Laundry Machine
65px 70px 65px 65px 65px
Laundry Basket Ironing Board Visitor Table Workshop Saw Workshop Press
65px 65px 65px 65px 65px
Carpenter Table Dog Crate Guard Locker Sofa Wide Sofa
65px 65px 65px
Drink Machine Weapon Rack School Desk Altar Pews
Prayer Mat Library Shelf Librarians Desk

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