Metal Detector
Файл:Metal Detector.png
Size 1×1 m (tiles)
Lowers nothing
Cost $1000
Power Draw 0.2 Bars

The Metal Detector is one of the items that every good prison should have. The Metal Detector checks for any contraband labelled as "metal" on any prisoner that passes through the detector. Metal Detectors also require direct power.

The detector emits a flash each time a prisoner is scanned: If no contraband is detected the flash will be white. If contraband is detected the flash will be red and an audible beep is made. Note that every time a piece of contraband is found, the metal detector stops working for 3 seconds or until the light has turned off. This means that prisoners can still smuggle items even if you have metal detectors.
When contraband is detected and there is a guard near by, he will automatically search the prisoner and confiscate the contraband. The prisoner will be sent to solitary and the contraband will be disposed of.

Prisoners will try to avoid going through a metal detector, for this reason it is important to either place multiple metal detectors side by side or to block any other routes.
For example: if a Canteen (Canteen is no longer a source of contraband, Alpha 24) can be entered through two large jail doors, then there should be four metal detectors, two in front of each door.

A metal detector may occasionally cause a false positive - in that case it will flash red while the prisoner holds no contraband. This can be ruled out by having a prisoner pass two metal detectors - if both detect contraband the prisoner is virtually guaranteed to have some. Therefore, forcing prisoners trough two detectors before they can reach a cell allows vigilant wardens to determine which prisoners need a cell search if no contraband turns up after a person search.

The Metal detector will only search one prisoner per second - so it wise to put multiple detectors at different locations to maximize searches,

The Metal detector will also slow down the entity's speed - if your prison has a speed problem, the metal detector is only useful in choke points and smuggling points.

Former Feature Править

When water from a shower head reaches a metal detector it will be damaged and explode. This explosion can kill nearby prisoners or staff members. Use a drain to control where your water can flow. (This was removed in Alpha 16, still removed as of Alpha 24.)


  • If a light is built on top of a metal detector, it will not work.