A Cell is a room of your prison where one Prisoner can live and sleep.

When there are not enough cells, prisoners will either have no cell or move into a Holding Cell if there is one available. Cells are generally regarded as better permanent accommodation for your prisoners, as their contained nature means prisoners held in them are much less likely to fight or riot.


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  • Indoors
  • Minimum Size 2x3 (3 tiles after researching "Small Cells")
  • Bed
  • Toilet
  • Enclosed (Surrounded by Door(s) and Walls)


Optional ways to improve cell ratings:

  • Radio
  • Bookshelf
  • TV
  • Window (outdoor view for improvement credit, not indoor view)
  • Office Desk
  • Chair
  • Shower (requires Drain or can damage electronics)
  • 9 (3x3) or 16 (4x4) Cell size

Tips & TricksПравить

  • When starting a new prison, it is best to make a holding cell rather than cells, as the holding cells house more prisoners. They are also cheaper than cells.
  • Prisoners who are attempting to tunnel their way out of their cell will always start digging under the toilet.  Try to place toilets as far from the exterior wall as possible,  this will increase their chances of being detected before they escape, as it will slow their digging progress.
  • Adding a window (with outdoor view) to a cell makes their need for freedom build up slower, which makes them less likely to construct escape tunnels.
  • Don't mark the doorway as part of the cell; the floor area marked as "cell" should be inside the perimeter of the walls and door squares.
  • Using the standard jail door it will lock and unlock automatically transitioning to and from from periods of sleep or lockdown. Any other door type will require guards for every cell or wired to a door controller.


  • Prior to Alpha 13, cells did not have to be enclosed.
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