An Office is a room of the prison which is used by administration employees such as the Warden, ForemanPsychologist, Chief, Accountant and Lawyer.

The office needs to be indoors (as of Alpha 14). Staff killed in an office will drop a clipboard that can be used as a weapon. There are many types of contraband available in offices so it is a good idea to mark the room as "Staff Only" on your deployment screen so prisoners don't steal.

If multiple unclaimed offices exist when a new staff member is hired, they will claim the office which was created first.  To force a staff member to claim a certain office, de-zone all other offices before hiring them or spawn (hire) them in the specific office that you wish them to use.

As of Alpha 20 you can exploit the fact that rooms only need to meet that size requirement by one square and make a 3x4 office, then marking the doorway to the office as the 4th spot.

You can build most offices in a remote area, but remember that your Foreman has to do safety instructions in your workshop, so keep the walk short. Also, your Psychologist's office should be close to a Common Room for Group Therapy and has to be open for prisoners if you want Behavioural Therapy.

Tips and tricks Править

  • Be careful with this room and it's contraband: prisoners will take it when visiting the Psychologist or cleaning rooms. Use a Metal Detector at the door and draw a Guard Dog path trough the room on Working hours.

Requirements Править

Contraband Править

The Office is a source for:

  • Booze (Luxuries, Smelly)
  • Cigs (pack of cigarettes) (Narcotics, Luxuries, Smelly)
  • Lighter (Luxuries)
  • Mobile Phone (Luxuries)

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