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Needs in Prison Architect illustrate what prisoner or prisoners need to behave, not try to escape, and be happy. A Psychologist is required to access this information. There are two types of Needs: the Needs tab which can be found under Reports; and a small list which can by found by hovering with a mouse over a prisoner.

The Needs tab shows a bar chart that combines every prisoner by their need. Each bar has following colours:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow 
  • Green 
  • Blue 

Prisoners with orange or red needs will increase a prison's danger level, and may incite riots

The small list when mouse is hovered over a prisoner shows only needs of that particular prisoner. If there are no needs, prisoner is completely happy. Plus signs indicate how much the prisoner wants that need. If a need is written in capitalized letters, or there are 10 plus signs, this need is completely unfulfilled, and is considered a critical need.

Below is only a basic summary table and by no means in full detail. Consider making a new page for each for a more detailed explanation.

Need Increased by Decreased by
Bladder Time Toilet
Bowel Time Toilet
Sleep Time not sleeping Sleeping in bed
Food Time Eating in a canteen
Safety High Danger Level Low Danger Level
Hygiene Sleeping Showering
Exercise Time Using weight benches
Family Time Visitation, mail room and phone booth
Recreation Time Using pool tables, radios or TVs
Comfort Time Sleeping or sitting on a bench
Environment Time in a dirty environment Time in a Clean environment
Privacy Time in a holding cell with someone else Time not in a holding cell with someone else
Freedom Time locked up, in cell, or locked down, punishment. Freetime.
Clothing Time New clothing provided by a laundry
Drugs Pre-existing habit Reform program or an extended period without it.
Alcohol Pre-existing habit Reform program or an extended period without it.
Spirituality Prisoner trait Time in Chapel using a Prayer Mat or Pew.
Literacy Prisoner trait Reading book from Library.


Very few prisoners will have the need for Alcohol and Drugs. The need can be lessened (but not completely removed) by successfully completing the alcoholics group therapy or pharmaceutical treatment of drug addiction program respectively. 

Only a few prisoners will have the trait to make them need Spirituality or Literacy.