Door Control System
Файл:Door Control.png
Size 2×1 m (tiles)
Lowers N/A
Cost $1000
Power Draw 1 Bars

In order for the Door Servos to work, a functioning Door Control System must be present in the prison. Door Controls must be constantly monitored by a guard. As of Alpha 23, guards will position themselves at a free Door Control System by themselves.

Note: in the Utilities and also in Objects Menu, the object appears as Door Control as a short name, yet the full name as seen when pointed with the mouse is Door Control System.

There is no current known limit to the amount of Door Servos that can be linked to a Door Control. However one Door Control can open a maximum of 2 doors per second. If more than 2 per second is requested, the excess will be queued until the Door Control is free.

The Door Control has a light on the top that displays three colours; Red, Green, and Amber. If there is no Guard present, the light is Red. If the Door Control has a Guard and no doors are open, it will be Green. If the Door Control is opening a door, it will be Amber.

If the Door Control is broken in a riot, any attached Door Servos will automatically open until it is repaired. This makes Door Controls a high priority for rioting prisoners.


Файл:Door control room.jpg

Sometimes it happens that Guards leave the door control thus locking all of the remote doors. One way to solve this is by building a special room[1], locked, as shown in the picture, so that Guards go nowhere.


  • High Power Connection (Directly wired to the electric in the utility menu)
  • The Door Control must be connected to the Door Servos (in the Utilities menu)
  • Door Control must be placed in a security room to work properly.
  • A guard must be at the Door Control for it to work

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