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Вид: Staff
Цена: $500
Зарплата: $50/day
Здоровье(HP): {{{toughness}}}
Комната: None
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A Gardener is a basic staff of the prison which keeps the outdoor areas tidy and is in charge of the Forestry. The Gardener is researched by the Foreman in Bureaucracy.

As of Alpha 16, Gardeners, instead of workers will now plant trees. Gardeners are important as they keep environments clean which in turn keeps the prisoners happier.

Gardeners are also key in your "forestry" development, as they will automatically buy and plant trees in this zone. The trees grown there will be cut down and distributed by Workmen.


The Gardener requires a Foreman before hiring is possible. Research will cost $2,000.

fr:Jardinier (Gardener)