National Guard
Вид: Emergency staff
Цена: $0
Зарплата: $0/day
Здоровье(HP): NAN
Комната: none
Другая информация:

The National Guard are government military soldiers which will come to your prison when an uncontrolled riot sets in.

The National Guard are military soldiers equipped with weaponry (the assault rifle) able to quell most riots, and restore order to a prison with the use of unprecedented lethal force but they are not trained they are just people who are armed with guns to help out when a riot sparks and guards cant handle it anymore

Deployment Править

The National Guard are deployed in your prison if you reach the failure state 'uncontrolled riot'. This state is, in short, a catastrophic riot, which sparks the government to take action. If you do not restore order to your prison within the time limit, the National Guard are sent to kill all prisoners who don't comply with their orders.

Troops Править

  • The Soldier: Armed with an Assault rifle, has camouflage clothing, and a helmet, gives extreme firepower.
  • The Officer: Armed with an Assault rifle, has camouflage clothing with pips and a cap with a yellow star indicating rank.

Weapons Править

The National Guards use an Assault Rifle which bears heavy resemblance to an M16A1.

Aftermath Править

Once all offending prisoners have either been killed, knocked unconscious or handcuffed, you will lose all control of your prison, and your save will be permanently held in a boring AI controlled state, where nothing really happens.

Usefulness Править

The national guard can´t always quell a riot. Sometimes the prisoners can overthrow them, and all the soldiers will likely die. If the prisoners keep overthrowing the soldiers, more troops will keep coming until all offending prisoners are dead, unconscious or handcuffed.