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Phone Tap
Файл:Phone Tap.png
Size 1×1 m (tiles)
Lowers N/A
Cost $1000
Power Draw 1 Bars

Phone taps are consoles used to spy on prisoners phone calls. They were added in Alpha 27 as an complement to confidential informants.

Usage Править

Phone tap consoles are usually built in a security room. They require a guard and electricity to operate. They must be connected to phone booths in order to tap into that particular phone booth's calls.

Each phone tap can only listen to one phone call at a time. They can be connected to any number of phone booths but cycle through each one checking for a prisoner talking on each one as it is reached.

When a booth with an ongoing call is found the cycling stops and the guard listens to that phone call. If a call is being monitored, the light on top will appear green. If no call is being monitored, the light will appear yellow.

Information that is collected from phone taps is found under the "informants" tab under contraband.

How to connect Править

You must do the connection only from the Phone Tap to the Phone, and that's it. Unlike the CCTV circuit, there's no need for a return connection.

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