Вид: Administrator
Цена: $1,000
Зарплата: $200/day
Здоровье(HP): 5
Комната: Office
Другая информация:

  • This staff member is needed early on in the game.

The Warden is the head official of the prison and as such one of the most essential members of staff in Prison Architect. The Warden is required to unlock all other main Staff types in the Bureaucracy tab.

The Warden's main objective is to unlock the Bureaucracy and Regime tab in the Reports Menu.

The warden drops a clipboard when killed.  The clipboard can be picked up by a prisoner and does slightly more damage than bare fists.

You may only have one Warden at a time.

If the Warden is fired or he dies, you will lose access to all researched upgrades and access to the regime and policy pages until you hire a new one.

There will be more types of Wardens (at least 5) with special abilities in the future; however, as of Alpha 34 there is still only one.

If too many Wardens are killed, you will be sacked. So it is recommended that if your Wardens are always being killed, build another office, and keep it under high security. This is one of the Failure Conditions, the rest can be found here.


While most alpha players know they can upgrade their game to include the ability to "customize a prisoner"; there was also the ability to "customize a warden". In total, 5 custom warden editions of the game were sold at a cost of $1,000 each. The 5 people who bought this version of the game will be able to influence the development of the game and customize the wardens along with their special abilities. After launch, everyone who plays prison architect will be given these 5 custom wardens to select from while playing. Note: It is no longer possible to purchase the customizable warden option.

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